Our company is dedicated to mitigating thermal energy transfer by using cutting edge coatings

Whether you want to preserve thermal energy or keep it out, we have an advanced coating solution that will work
Welcome to the Future of Thermal!
  • Heated or cooled storage containers
  • Pipelines, steam pipes and other piping
  • Buses, vehicles and trailers
  • Small to large industrial applications
  • Protecting workers from scalding surfaces
Our company is your #1 source for insulated coatings. Customers achieves benefits from our solutions in 10 key areas:
Insulated protection up to 500 F
Inhibits corrosion
Unaffected by water / submersion
Greater insulated value per mil
Impervious to air infiltration
Thermal coatings can be used to insulate any size of application while protecting from corrosion and condensation
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Lighter than other insulated options
Reduces or eliminates condensation
Adheres to most surfaces
Longer lasting than foam or fiber
Easily reapplied if removed for maintenance
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Green savings!
Reduced energy and fuel costs to keep your materials at the proper temperature

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Applies to most surfaces
It can be applied to concrete, metal, windows (glass), masonry, etc.  

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Keep employees safe!
Allows steam pipes to meet the ASTM 1057 Skin Touch Test and comply with OSHA requirements.  All without shutting down the plant!!

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